Want a love that is peaceful and fulfilling? Need to feel at peace with your dating choices? Add some Zen to your life. Live simply. Take life day by day, stay positive, and be thankful for the little things. Dating does not have to be complicated, trust us! The moment you stop stressing and change your perspective, is the moment you can rewrite your whole story.

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Attract The Love You Deserve - Positive Mind, Beautiful Love

Visualize The Person

The same way as you would visualize having more money, you can visualize a partner. Simple things like: What would you find attractive about them? What would it feel like to be with them? What would you do together? Don’t be too picky, looks come and go, stick to the core elements of long-term love.

Live Like You’re in Love

It will be easier to manifest real, lasting love in your life if you can find a way to start living as though you already have that love. Smile, be happy - you will glow good vibes! The positive energy you exude will come back full circle. You want to seem approachable, happy and content with life. Loving yourself first is the key to finding love.

Get Rid of Past Blocks

The past is a killer - let it go! If you still harbor feelings for an ex lover, you are not ready to date. Pain and heartbreak need to be dealt with before you can open your heart to another. Chapters of books come to an end, it is time to turn the page and write a new story for yourself.

Connect to Your Intentions

Alright, this may sound a little quirky, but hear us out. Find a little object you love - could be a lucky key chain or maybe a cup with a funny quote on it – something you really love. While you’re out and about it could very well be a conversation starter with that cutie who hops on the elevator at work or standing in line at the coffee shop! Welcome conversation all the time, as you never know who you'll meet!

Namaste - Let The Love Flow & Stop Worrying About What "Will Be"

~ Exhale All Your Worries & Just Breathe ~ Stop overthinking dating. Get started today, connect with amazing singles looking to explore love, happiness, and peace. Dating doesn't have to be complicated - just relax, explore your options, go on many dates, and see what fits with your wants, needs and life goals.

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Just when I was about to take a break from dating, in rolls the love of my life. It is true what they say when it is time to fall in love, it's just time. No matter how much you try to plan it all out, just be zen-like, and let fate take over. I had been trying all the apps and websites to find love, going on date after date, but really did not feel a connection with anyone. But, I will admit, I stayed determined, focused, and always had fun. For if you are not having fun, then why date? I went into every experience with an open mind, seeking friendship, and just when I was about to step away from it all in came the love of my life. When we met online it was an instant connection. We spoke on the phone the first day and I felt like we had known each other our whole lives. We have been inseparable ever since and now I don't even remember what my life was like without my best friend.

Are You Ready To Meet The Love of Your Life? Take a Chance & See What Happens

Take the Risk Love is worth it Live with Love & the Rest will Fall into Place

Let go of the life you planned, so you can live the life meant for you. We all have silly expectations of what should and shouldn't be - lose them! It goes without saying, hold tight to your morals and values, but remain open-minded to what may come. Surrender to love and the future. When we stop expecting, we stop being disappointed. Have courage and faith in the "what ifs". Life is about chances, risks, and jumping into the unknown with an open heart and mind.

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